Two become one!


At the request of my audiobook publisher, book 2 and 3 of the Fractured Space series have now become a one much longer book. What was once Callacean (book 2) has now been merged with Shattered Moon (book 3). So now Shattered Moon is that bit more epic and has become part 2 of the series. But fear not, none of the content has changed, Callacean has simply become the first part within Shattered Moon. Ironically this is how it was originally before I decided to split them.  However, now that the audiobook is on the horizon (Hopefully hitting the shelves in late Jan), my audio publishers have shown my the wisdom of having one longer book.

For those who are interested, I’ll let you know once the audiobook is available. As with Star Splinter, the audio version of Shattered Moon will be read by the very talented actor Alex Wyndham.

Bye for now!

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