Harper’s Ten cover art

After a bit of a delay I’m pleased to announce that Harper’s Ten (the prequel to Star Splinter) is undergoing its final polish and will be out shortly. So what better time to show off the amazing cover art by the incredibly talented Linggar Bramanty. I really think Linggar has nailed it and I couldn’t be happier with the final result.

cover rev1

And here’s the finished cover with the blurb and stellar design work thanks to my good friend Mr Andrew Hall. Looks great eh? I can’t wait to get the paperback version in my hands!

Harper's 10-Final Full Cover

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Hero worship!

IMG_1372So a couple of weeks back I went to the Bournmouth comic con here on the south coast of England to indulge in a little geekery. One of my main reasons for going was because Mr Michael Biehn (AKA Corporal Hicks from Aliens and Kyle Reese from Terminator) was there doing signings. This guy was my hero growing up (Still is really). He was the perfect action hero in Aliens and Terminator, but he also nailed it as the antagonist, Lt Coffey in The Abyss. I had a great chat with him and had him sign the artwork to my soon to be released book ‘Harper’s Ten’ (which I pointed out to him was largely inspired by Aliens). Long story short, he was interested in my writing so I gave him a copy of Star Splinter. How cool is that, Corporal Hicks has a copy of my book! Now, it might be that Mr Biehn simply chucked it in the bin as soon as I left, but I choose to believe that he wasn’t using his awesome acting skills when he looked pleased to receive it! Anyway, just thought I’d share my little geek out experience!


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Star Splinter audiobook arrives!

The wonderful folks at Podium Publishing have now launched the audiobook of Star Splinter on Audible.com and Audible.co.uk!


The English actor Alex Wyndham has done an incredible job as the narrator and truly 2171441nails the myriad of accents that show up throughout the story. Mr Wyndham has already narrated a number of highly reviewed audiobooks as well as staring in many TV series and movies, including the hugely popular HBO series ‘Rome’.



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New cover and paperback!

Star Splinter - Ebook (web 72 dpi)In view of the upcoming release of Star Splinter on audiobook and paperback, a brand new cover has been whipped up! A big thanks to Alisha at Damonza cover designs for her hard work on this. I couldn’t be happier with it. I think there’s some wonderful contrasts and effects in there that really make it pop, as well as conveying the tone of the book nicely. Also – and perhaps more importantly – it looks ridiculously cool!

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Signed with Podium Publishing!


The Fractured Space series is entering the world of audiobooks!

I’ve signed a deal with the wonderful team at Podium Publishing who’ll be producing the whole Fractured Space series. Work has already begun on Star Splinter which is due to be launched on Audible, Amazon and ITunes on the 7th of July. I couldn’t be more excited. Podium Publishing have a number of awards under their belt and are responsible for some of the best audiobooks on the market – including the fantastic bestseller The Martian by Andy Weir.

This is going to be a fun ride!

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Star Splinter goes live!

SSOne keri ebookSo the ebook version of my debut novel ‘Star Splinter’ has finally gone live on Amazon! I’m having trouble controlling the big, stupid grin on my face!

The paperback version should be out very soon, I’ll keep you posted 🙂



amazon button

amazon uk button

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Hopefully you’ve arrived at this website because you’re an avid sci fi reader who enjoys a bit of space opera and you’re curious about my new book ‘Star Splinter’ (good to have you here). If you’re more of a bodybuilding fanatic, I’m afraid you’ve made a blunder in your search and you’re looking for an author called Eric Cressey (good luck packing on the muscle).

So here’s my debut novel, Star Splinter, book one of the Fractured Space series. The writing of it was at times extremely fun and other times rather tense. Hopefully it reads the same way!

SSOne keri ebookI must say, I’m really rather fond of my front cover. If it’s piqued your interest please have a dig around my site to learn more about me, the book and what I have planned for the future. As long as there’re no disasters (which with my tech skills is entirely possible) Star Splinter will  be available to buy on Amazon from Monday the 9th of Feb. Wish me luck!


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