Hero worship!

IMG_1372So a couple of weeks back I went to the Bournmouth comic con here on the south coast of England to indulge in a little geekery. One of my main reasons for going was because Mr Michael Biehn (AKA Corporal Hicks from Aliens and Kyle Reese from Terminator) was there doing signings. This guy was my hero growing up (Still is really). He was the perfect action hero in Aliens and Terminator, but he also nailed it as the antagonist, Lt Coffey in The Abyss. I had a great chat with him and had him sign the artwork to my soon to be released book ‘Harper’s Ten’ (which I pointed out to him was largely inspired by Aliens). Long story short, he was interested in my writing so I gave him a copy of Star Splinter. How cool is that, Corporal Hicks has a copy of my book! Now, it might be that Mr Biehn simply┬áchucked it in the bin as soon as I left, but I choose to believe that he wasn’t using his awesome acting skills when he looked pleased to receive it! Anyway, just thought I’d share my little geek out experience!


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