HARPER’S TEN: Prequel to the Fractured Space series out now!

My new novel Harper’s Ten is now firmly planted on Amazon’s virtual shelves! (paperback soon to follow). This is the prequel to the Fractured Space series and takes place just before the events of Star Splinter. (Don’t worry, I’m working hard on the sequel!)

Harper's 10-Final Front CoverHere’s the blurb:

Lieutenant Callum Harper knows that his team are as tough as they come: nine highly trained men and women and one battle robot who’s eleven feet of pure, cybernetic muscle. But as they drop through the atmosphere of the uncharted planet Capsun 23, Cal can’t shake the feeling that something is off about this mission. Three data drones have previously touched down but quickly went dark. And now, all communication with a group of civilian researchers has been lost.

Intel suspects scavengers are to blame—or at worst pirates. But Cal’s instincts are telling him otherwise. All that’s known about Capsun 23 is that the gravity is within acceptable limits, the air is breathable, and water is abundant. Three things to encourage life…but what kind of life? 

Cal has never been one to back away from a potential fight, but if his instincts are right, a lone team simply won’t cut it. Not by a long shot.

How does that sound? Fancy a read?! Hope you enjoy it.

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