Callacean (Book Two of the Fractured Space Series, A Novella)

Callacean (Book Two of the Fractured Space Series, A Novella)
For eight long months, Cal and his crew have been searching for Kaia, bouncing from colony to colony, latching onto the thinnest rumors of pirate attacks. But since the Insidion attack, disorder is on the rise, and a slew of dead ends has taken its toll. In need of a few calm and uneventful days, they head for the ocean planet Aqualorian Prime in an attempt to regain focus. But even the wealthiest, most stable colonies are beginning to split at the seams and perhaps none more so than the submerged city of Callacean. A threat is looming. One so large it can’t be ignored, and Cal and the gang feel compelled to offer their aid. But those in power aren’t always receptive to such offers. And worse, they sometimes turn a blind eye to the danger itself… Even when the threat has arisen from the deepest, darkest abyss.
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