Callacean, the first follow up to Star Splinter, has finally been sent off to the formatters which means its release is imminent! And the follow up ‘Shattered Moon’ is with my editor so it will be following close behind. Yay! There’s no one around as I write this so I’ll just have to fist bump myself.

I did face one tiny lump in the road which luckily I’ve been able to swiftly stamp on and flatten out with relatively little trauma. So apparently Amazon don’t play nicely with any books in a series numbered with a ‘.5’. Who knew? Apparently not me! Luckily my audiobook publisher gave me a heads up at the eleventh hour!

So what does that mean I hear you ask! Well, my upcoming Callacean book is now no longer book 1.5 of the Fractured Space series, but book 2 instead. This will then make my next book Shattered Moon book 3 in the Fractured Space series. Still with me?

I’ll be offering Callacean for free to my fine newsletter folks for about a week or so before putting the book on Amazon. In the meantime check out the awesome cover below!


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