Changes to Shattered Moon

So there I was, about to send Shattered Moon off to my editor, when I began to feel that the flow of the book wasn’t quite right. After a discussion with my editor – and a select few of the voices in my head – I decided to experiment with splitting and expanding the beginning of the novel to create a separate novella.

It worked, and the new novella (titled Callacean) is shaping up really well. Not only that, but the main novel Shattered Moon is now a much tighter book and reads far better in a structural sense.

It means a bit more of a delay, but hopefully not too much longer. I thank you for your patience with me and hope you understand that I am just trying to craft the best books and overarching story that I can.

So the good news is that instead of one book you’ll soon be getting two! Well, one novel and one novella. I hope you find them well worth the wait. For a time I’ll be offering the novella for free to everyone on my mailing list and will send out the link when the time comes.

So here’s a round up of what’s on the way:


The novella ‘Callacean’ (…that’s a mock cover) will come first. It is around 40,000 words and focuses on Cal and the gang who, after months of searching for Kaia, end up on the ocean planet Aqualorian Prime. Like most colony planets, trouble is brewing as a result of the Insidion attack. Let’s just say that trouble escalates fast!








Shattered Moon will be released soon after and is around 130,000 words (which is about the same length as Star Splinter). It focuses on the gang traveling to the far side of colonized space to investigate their first promising lead to Kaia’s whereabouts. Then, as is often the way with Cal and the gang, things get epic!





I’m currently working with my editor to make absolutely sure that the novella split is seamless and that both books are as good as I can make them. I’ll be sure to keep you posted, but I’m confident that both books will be released this summer.

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