Two become one!


At the request of my audiobook publisher, book 2 and 3 of the Fractured Space series have now become a one much longer book. What was once Callacean (book 2) has now been merged with Shattered Moon (book 3). So now Shattered Moon is that bit more epic and has become part 2 of the series. But fear not, none of the content has changed, Callacean has simply become the first part within Shattered Moon. Ironically this is how it was originally before I decided to split them.  However, now that the audiobook is on the horizon (Hopefully hitting the shelves in late Jan), my audio publishers have shown my the wisdom of having one longer book.

For those who are interested, I’ll let you know once the audiobook is available. As with Star Splinter, the audio version of Shattered Moon will be read by the very talented actor Alex Wyndham.

Bye for now!

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Callacean, the first follow up to Star Splinter, has finally been sent off to the formatters which means its release is imminent! And the follow up ‘Shattered Moon’ is with my editor so it will be following close behind. Yay! There’s no one around as I write this so I’ll just have to fist bump myself.

I did face one tiny lump in the road which luckily I’ve been able to swiftly stamp on and flatten out with relatively little trauma. So apparently Amazon don’t play nicely with any books in a series numbered with a ‘.5’. Who knew? Apparently not me! Luckily my audiobook publisher gave me a heads up at the eleventh hour!

So what does that mean I hear you ask! Well, my upcoming Callacean book is now no longer book 1.5 of the Fractured Space series, but book 2 instead. This will then make my next book Shattered Moon book 3 in the Fractured Space series. Still with me?

I’ll be offering Callacean for free to my fine newsletter folks for about a week or so before putting the book on Amazon. In the meantime check out the awesome cover below!


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Changes to Shattered Moon

So there I was, about to send Shattered Moon off to my editor, when I began to feel that the flow of the book wasn’t quite right. After a discussion with my editor – and a select few of the voices in my head – I decided to experiment with splitting and expanding the beginning of the novel to create a separate novella.

It worked, and the new novella (titled Callacean) is shaping up really well. Not only that, but the main novel Shattered Moon is now a much tighter book and reads far better in a structural sense.

It means a bit more of a delay, but hopefully not too much longer. I thank you for your patience with me and hope you understand that I am just trying to craft the best books and overarching story that I can.

So the good news is that instead of one book you’ll soon be getting two! Well, one novel and one novella. I hope you find them well worth the wait. For a time I’ll be offering the novella for free to everyone on my mailing list and will send out the link when the time comes.

So here’s a round up of what’s on the way:


The novella ‘Callacean’ (…that’s a mock cover) will come first. It is around 40,000 words and focuses on Cal and the gang who, after months of searching for Kaia, end up on the ocean planet Aqualorian Prime. Like most colony planets, trouble is brewing as a result of the Insidion attack. Let’s just say that trouble escalates fast!








Shattered Moon will be released soon after and is around 130,000 words (which is about the same length as Star Splinter). It focuses on the gang traveling to the far side of colonized space to investigate their first promising lead to Kaia’s whereabouts. Then, as is often the way with Cal and the gang, things get epic!





I’m currently working with my editor to make absolutely sure that the novella split is seamless and that both books are as good as I can make them. I’ll be sure to keep you posted, but I’m confident that both books will be released this summer.

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Shattered Moon

In the process of editing, tinkering, polishing, tweaking, and de-wrinkling ‘Shattered Moon’, the long awaited sequel to ‘Star Splinter’. Not long now.

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Space Opera 2017

Is it just me or is the Space Opera genre taking off in a big way when it comes to cinema? Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek…

Rogue One hits the screen next month, then the line up for 2017 is in danger of melting my geek brain. A wealth of flamboyant sci fi to keep creative juices topped up to the max. Lightsabers, warp speed, frickin’ space monsters, laser blasts galore! Also, talking raccoons.

Can you tell that I’m excited about it?

What a line up:

Star Wars VIII – Jedi training, beardy skywalker, how can it be anything other than awesomely great.


Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II – Loved the first movie, damn fine funny fun. Hopefully this one is a worthy follow up. Trailer looks promising.


Thor Ragnarok – I heard this one described as Thor and the Hulk in a space road movie. Where do I sign? Count me in.


Valerian and the city of a thousand planets – the wild card! I love me a wild card.


Plus a new Star Trek TV show!


Time to grin and keep grinning 🙂

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Shattered Moon cover art

I thought I’d show off the new cover art for Shattered Moon (Book 2 in the Fractured Space series). I sketched out the figures myself then passed them on to the awesomely talented Mr Linggar Bramanty to infuse them with some splendid sci fi imagery. Linggar has done a wonderful job bringing to life the landscape that I described.


gang scan

As for the book itself, It’s coming along very nicely. I’m about three quarters of the way through and have done various stages of editing. It’s looking like it will be a similar length to Star Splinter, or maybe even a touch longer (quite the epic adventure for the gang). I’ll keep working hard and will, of course, shout out far and wide when It’s ready to hit the Amazon shelves! Bye for now.

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Here be monsters!

I took a trip to the Harry Potter studios near London recently which proved to be quite the fun day out. Interesting too. Plenty to feast your eyes on, and peeks into some of the movie magic. Other than the huge model of Hogwarts in its entirety (Very impressive), the best part for me had to be the creature design and animatronics. Great to see that they’re still not completely reliant on CGI, (not by a long way it would seem). Fascinating to get a good close look at many of the creatures from the series in the flesh (or silicon and god knows what other weird materials!) Such detail and realism! Very impressed. Love me a good monster I do!

Here’s some pics:




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